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The Original Balls


This is where it all began; a proper hearty Yorkshire dish, inspired by our fight against average, tasteless meatballs. Dig in to our classic beef and pork Yorkshire Balls, served inside a giant Yorkshire Pudding with a rich real ale and onion gravy, simple creamy mash potato and buttery spring greens


Serves 4

Prep time

Prep: 15 mins

Cook time

Cook: 45 mins

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YORK_NEW Original Balls



Qty. Item
300ml Vegetable oil
400g Plain flour
10 large Eggs
680ml Whole milk
3g White pepper
12g Salt


Qty. Item
3 Large white onions
Pinch Brown sugar
2 tbsp Veg oil
25g Butter
1 tbsp Plain flour
500ml Dark ale
600ml Beef stock
1 Star anise
2 Cloves
2 Bay leaves


Qty. Item
900g Red skin potatoes
75ml Whole milk
55g Butter
75g Grated parmesan
To taste Salt
To taste White pepper


Qty. Item
1 knob Unsalted butter
100g Spring greens


A proper hearty dollop of English wholegrain mustard


Prepare your Yorkshire Puddings (Ahead of time!)

The day before… add all ingredients for the Yorkshire Pudding into a large bowl. Use a hand blender to mix all together until smooth. Cover the bowl and leave to rest in the fridge over-night (note: this is VITAL. Always leave the mixture to rest overnight)

Just before cooking… preheat your oven to 200c. If making regular sized Yorkshire Puddings, take a Yorkshire Pudding tray and add a generous amount of vegetable oil to cover the base of each slot. If making extra-large Yorkshire Puddings (as pictured), take 4 large cake tins and do the same. Add the oiled tray/tins to the oven and leave to pre-heat for at least 5 minutes

Remove the tray/tins from the oven and immediately close the oven door behind you to retain the heat. Divide the Yorkshire Pudding mixture between the tray/tins – ensuring the mixture is at least 1cm deep in each. Return the tray/tins to the oven immediately and cook for 25-30 minutes until golden and crispy. DO NOT open the door while cooking, it is essential to retain the heat

Once cooked, remove the Yorkshire Puddings from the oven and set aside to cool while you cook the remainder of the meal

Cook the gravy…

Thinly slice the onions. Heat oil and butter in a large saucepan, then add onions and sugar. Sweat the onions off on a low heat for 20 minutes until soft and caramelised, before stirring in the flour

Once flour has been stirred through, add the beer, star anise, cloves and bay leaves to the pan, bring to a boil on a high heat and cook out for 10 minutes to reduce slightly

Add the beef stock and boil for a further 15 minutes to reduce further

Once happy with consistency, remove the star anise, cloves and bay leaves. Taste… and then season with a little salt and white pepper if desired

Cook the mash…

Peel and chop the potatoes into 4cm chunks. Fill a pan with COLD water and a pinch of salt. Add the potatoes, bring to the boil on a high heat and cook until soft (about 20 mins)

Remove the pan from the heat and drain all water. Run the potato through a food mill or mash thoroughly by hand – no one likes lumpy potato! Melt the butter in a jug and add parmesan, salt and pepper, before mixing thoroughly

Mix the butter and cheese mixture into the mash, gradually add milk to create a creamy texture. Taste as you go along and be careful not to make it too sloppy!

Cook the Balls…

Roll the Balls in a knob of hot melted butter to seal and lightly brown, before transferring to a roasting dish in a pre-heated oven (180C/350F/Gas Mark4) for 10-15 mins. Ensure Balls are piping hot before serving

To plate…

First, once you have removed the Balls from the oven, take your Yorkshire Puddings and place them back into the oven for 1-2 minutes to heat back through and crisp back up. Then, add the spring greens to a saucepan with a hearty knob of butter. Fry over a medium heat, stirring regularly, until slightly wilted (approx 4-5 minutes)

Remove your Yorkshire Puddings from the oven. Place a generous spoon of mash potato in the centre of each, and top the mash potato with 3 Yorkshire Balls. Add a hearty portion of your wilted greens, and pour the real ale and onion gravy over the Balls. Garnish each plate with a dollop of proper English wholegrain mustard


As you might imagine, we’re big on cooking, and the flavour of each of our Balls has been designed to make sure you’re able to enjoy them in as many different dishes as possible. Sure, meatballs and spaghetti will always have a place in our hearts, but there’s so much more you could do with these hearty little morsels! So, we’ve created some interesting and unique recipes that’ll get you started! Some simple, some a little more adventurous, but all guaranteed to tantalise your tastebuds…


We use only the freshest and tastiest British meat, chosen for its quality and provenance. We then combine this with carefully chosen herbs, spices and seasoning to round-off the flavour of each Ball. The result… unrivalled meatballs made from the highest quality produce, well seasoned and uncompromising in flavour! What’s more, they’re all gluten free, ensuring as many folk as possible can dig in! We make proper hearty, wholesome and honest Balls… there’s nowt quite like ’em!