Founded in 2014 by father-and-son duo, David and Gareth Atkinson, The Yorkshire Meatball Co. makes proper hearty, wholesome and honest Balls… so you don’t have to!


The driving force behind our every action is ensuring we’re relentlessly delivering ‘Proper Food” with “No Fuss”. It is this approach that will ensure our Balls continue to lead the way! We use only the freshest and tastiest British meat, chosen for its quality and provenance. We then combine this with carefully chosen herbs, spices and seasoning to round-off the flavour of each and every bite! Everything that goes into our Balls is there for a reason… and we add nothing else! The result… unrivalled meatballs made from only the highest quality produce, well seasoned and uncompromising in flavour

But this approach isn’t simply about our Balls… it is central to everything we do. Whether we’re sourcing our meat, selecting our seasonings, designing new packaging, putting together menus for pop-up events, or communicating our message; everything we do, we do it “Properly… with No Fuss”. It’s about hard work, simplicity, and single-mindedness. It’s about saying no to shortcuts and distractions

We strive to produce the cleanest, most responsible products on the market. We’re proud to stand up and say we use only the freshest and tastiest, high-welfare British meat, chosen for its quality and provenance, and sourced for us by local Yorkshire butcher, Sykes House Farm. Like us, they hold provenance as their primary commitment, with a deep and long-standing involvement in the whole supply chain, from farm to fork. We only source Steer or Heifer Beef (that means we don’t use Mummy or Daddy cow!) that has been naturally raised, with calves suckling their mothers and having enjoyed at least a season on grass. The Pigs from which we source our Pork are born outdoors and reared on straw by Yorkshire Outdoor farms, with plenty of space in which to naturally root and wallow. Sure… it means our Balls cost a little more to make and to buy… but we’ll take ‘being responsible’ over ‘chasing profit’ any day. And we hope you will too?

Gluten egg and dairy

It’s important to us that as many folk as possible can choose to enjoy the alternative to average, tasteless meatballs. Balls produced responsibly, with quality ingredients, love and care. And that’s why we decided from day one that our Balls will always be gluten, egg and dairy free! While many recipes use breadcrumbs, egg and milk to stick their meatballs together (yes… sticky Balls!) we only use gluten-free oats to bind our Balls. Not only does this ensure they’re safe for Coeliacs and those choosing to follow a gluten, eg and dairy free diet, it also makes for an incredibly meaty texture!


Throughout everything we do and say, one thing stands true. We’re fiercely independent in how we do it. We know… sounds a bit aggressive, right? But we prefer to think of it as passion. You see, we don’t mean the unsociable kind of independence, we mean the corporate kind! We’re not just another brand in the stable of some faceless, corporate food giant. We’re just two Lads from Yorkshire, passionately trying to ensure the world eats the tastiest and meatiest Balls possible; hearty and wholesome Balls produced responsibly and with honesty. Sure, we could cut some corners, do some things on the cheap, skimp a little here and there to improve our profit… but if we wanted to do that we may as well become just another brand in the stable of some faceless, corporate food giant. So, don’t hold your breath; we’d rather do things the hard way


This is our User Manual, our Bible, our step-by-step guide to being a Baller. And we thought we’d share it, to show you just how serious we really are about leading the fight against average, tasteless meatballs:

Keep it true

We started this brand for a reason… to change the way people perceive meatballs and to set a new precedent for quality and flavour in the market. So every product and decision we make must be 100% true to our mission. Or it doesn’t happen.

Keep it simple

We make Balls… and that’s it. No Burgers. No Bangers. Just proper hearty, wholesome and honest Balls, made responsibly from the highest quality produce, well seasoned and uncompromising in flavour!

Keep it real

We don’t do bullshit… that goes for our Balls, for our ingredients, and for our messaging. No unnecessary additives or substitutes to fill you up and cut our costs, no made up stories to supe up our sales. Just proper honest Balls and Banter!

Keep it personal

It’s just us. No big investors, no big marketing agencies, just two Lads in Yorkshire and a collective of like-minded folk trying to bring proper hearty, honest Balls to you! If you have an idea, some feedback, a complaint, or you just want to talk Balls… you talk to us!

Keep it interesting

We don’t have massive marketing budgets, so rather than relentlessly ‘selling’, we’ve decided to create a brand and a product interesting enough to be discovered. Everything we create and the stories we tell must be interesting and engaging enough to provoke conversation. It is only this that will allow the fight against average, tasteless meatballs to stand up and be heard

Keep it moving

We’ll never stop having ideas. The great thing about ideas is they create change. Some of our ideas will blow the doors off, some of our ideas might not always go to plan; but we’ll always learn from them and every lesson will make us stronger in the fight against average, tasteless meatballs.

Keep improving

This one’s simple… we can always make a better meatball. And we’ll not stop until every average, tasteless meatball has been eradicated from your diet, and replaced by proper hearty, honest and wholesome Balls. Even then, we’ll not stop… we’ll just keep making our Balls better and better!

Keep it fun

Don’t get us wrong… we’re serious about our mission. We think it’s about time meatballs were made without compromise on provenance, quality or flavour. But we also think it’s important to have fun along the way. As long as we love what we do, that love will find it’s way into our products and ensure we continue to make the best Balls money can buy

Keep it collaborative

The more people we unite in the fight against average, tasteless meatballs, the more chance we have! That’s why we’re passionate about collaborating with like-minded individuals and companies. Not just people passionate about great Balls… but people passionate about doing things properly… with no fuss!


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